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The Future belongs to the Brave

Datum: 2020.0404.20202020

Though Covid-19 is everywhere, we always take our own local environment as granted and if we as developed countries talk about solidarity, we mean sacrificing some of our luxury for a certain short time frame. But when this time frame gets extended, we become nervous.

For most of us it is the first time we experience what it means to do without high quality of life and everyday things due to overriding reasons. We are afraid of our loss of control and our own and our beloved one‘s vulnerability. Instead, we should reflect what it means for our global society.

Now, as we can‘t change the past, we can though look for opportunities, how to make it a better future. The past few month, young generations went out to claim for a more sustainable and green future and called the older generations selfish. Today, the younger generations are asked to stand in for the health of the older ones...

Families, communities, neighborhoods, friendships move into the centre. And all the superficial behavior take a pause (hopefully even resign), when sustainable relationships become important more than ever. Asking „How are you?“ without expecting an answer, due to lack of time and real interest, will convert into real care about our environment & people.

All ties together in the reset of our core values as human society. No matter, where we come from, were born or raised, we will reconsider values. I have been so fortunate to travel around the world and meet people, colleagues, friends in so many countries across all continents and it is heartwarming to encover we can believe in the same common set of core values.

As leaders in business we try to formulate corporate values, overarching cultures and regions. But finally, it is about to find the greatest common denominator of values to have a vision for the better.

Recently - during a global executive education class final - we were asked to reflect on our key learnings. A group of 20+ business leaders from all over the world, blessed with decades of experience, came to the conclusion that it is all about common values.

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Yes, one can argue now whether it is solidarity, integrity, responsability, sustainability or whatsoever to be on top of the list, but it is just important to have them, agree on one language and then keep them in mind, when building something new post corona.

Well, values have existed maybe forever. But it is to recall them frequently, make them sustainable, translate them into actions, accept dynamic objectives, adjust the goals, shape new ideas, but finally always keep in mind what ties all together.

With this we can build a better tomorrow. It won’t be perfect, it will be a bumpy road and yes, some more bad news will come across as we are just in the beginning of this pandemic. But we will overcome, and the more people take ownership of the future, the brighter it will be.

We will see many large enterprises, family businesses, small & medium sizes suffer. But the ones who do not only reset their values, but truly live and pursue them, will succeed and transform into a new brave contributor for a better society.

Christian Doganer

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